Prioritizing Issues – Pareto Charts In Contact Centers

Its often the case that we want align our limited resources to focus on the most important issues which produces maximum results versus chasing all at once. When troubleshooting operational issues in enterprise contact centers, this is no different given the limited amount of engineering resources but many different reasons (Call Disposition Codes) on why a particular call failed. Lets say, we want to focus on that 20% of the reasons causing 80% of the calls to fail. But how do we get to that 20% ?

Appling Pareto principle and technique to the underlying contact center dataset (TCD Tables) can take us to that 20%. The principle states that 80% of the effects are caused by 20% of the causes. Below we can find a sample curated data (ETL) from the TCD/RCD tables which shows the number of calls against the call disposition type for a given period. From this data we want to know the call disposition types which includes 80% of the calls.

Table 1. Call Disposition Types (Sample)

Microsoft Excel or Tableau can be used to develop a Pareto chart very quickly. Below you will see a Pareto chart generated for the data set (Table 1) using excel. The left axis shows the number of calls against each call disposition in the descending order. The right axis or the “Pareto Line” shows the cumulative percentage of number of calls against each call disposition. I manually added a dotted horizontal dotted line at about 80% to intersect the Pareto Line. And a vertical dotted line from there to intersect the X axis.

Pareto Chart

Then, we consider the region to the left of the vertical dotted line, this includes the call dispositions that are generated by 80% of the calls within the TCD table. Those are Abandoned in Local Queue, Abandoned in Network and U-Abort. Now we are in a position to align our resources to focus on troubleshooting efforts. This link provides description on each of the call dispositions.

If you are developing a customized dashboard and in the process writing user stories, Pareto charts can be a good candidate to improve operational efficiency of your contact center and enhance customer satisfaction.

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