COVID-19 Is Not An Accident

If I were an extraterrestrial visiting earth at this moment in time, all I feel is pity for what the human life is going through and wish I could have done something about it. Intense human activity over centuries in name of science and advancing civilization has got us to this unprecedented point in our history. The costs have certainly outweighed the benefits and the history is a proof of that. Our fundamental irrationality applied towards exploitation of natural resources has resulted in catastrophic effects.

Our Innate desire to explore every facet of the objective reality has proved to be very costly. From CERN blaster to find that creation moment, nuclear weapons, exploit quirkiness of quantum particles to build super intelligent machines, gene editing to create that perfect human, etc., but all these at the cost of what? These activities are creating immense pressure on the natural resources and I hope people are realizing this already. We have to acknowledge that science does not lead us to the truth. Even if we colonize mars, preserve our mortal consciousness into eternity or invent warp drive for intergalactic travel, we will still be searching for answers. We would still be victims of cause and affect law of karma. How Ignorant of humans that we think we are the first ones to lead this amazing feat of scientific evolution. In-fact our life here on earth could be a product of scientific experimentation which means there is no point in re-inventing the wheel.

Its time we humans start balancing act of slowing scientific advancement on one hand while leaving enough space for making inward journey into ourselves. Our inner self holds all the dimensions we are after in the external world, In fact beyond that. The real truth and love is to be found only by making an inner journey. A journey that requires same patience and perseverance as the outer journey but far more rewarding than the external one. This Inner journey is still a science but applied internally and we can call this as mind sciences.

Slowing scientific advancement means slowing the pace of innovation by ensuring we leave least amount of impact on the natural resources. We will get there someday, but slow and steady by being rational during creation, sustenance and destruction process. Governments and world leaders needs to come together to create a new model for innovation and competition with sustainability in the forefront of the agenda.

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