Cisco further secures Work-From-Anywhere solution

Cisco is on a simplification journey across the board, whether networking, cybersecurity, or collaboration solutions. We have seen how previously discrete collaboration products, whether unified communications, video, or contact center, have been consolidated and simplified under one Webex umbrella. On the networking side, we also see the consolidation of SD access and SD wan management domains to give customers a single pane of glass for network operations and management. The security side has also seen a considerable consolidation with the launch of the SecureX unified platform for security management and operations.

In this blog, I will specifically discuss three recent launches from Cisco on the cybersecurity front. The new Cisco Secure Client that consolidates discreet security clients into a unified client, Integration with Kenna security platform for enhanced vulnerability management using AI and machine learning, and finally, new Cisco managed service called EDR(Enhanced Detection and Response)

The new unified Cisco Secure Client

The new Cisco Secure Client is the centerpiece for three critical enterprise security strategies currently underway across most enterprises. They are SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), Zero Trust, and XDR (extended Detection and Response). Taking SASE as an example, one of the critical benefits of the unified Secure Client is the telemetry data sent out to the SASE controller. Having consistent telemetry data from the client-side accelerates threat detection and response. For a more detailed understanding of how the new secure client fits into these three strategies, please watch this Cisco bright-talk video recently aired.

Cisco secure client unifies discreet agents into a unified one across endpoint, remote access, and cloud. Previously separate clients such as Secure Endpoint, Cisco Umbrella, and AnyConnect are now consolidated into a single agent. The client deployment, update, and management would be easier for the Netops or SecOps teams. Whether you have SASE, XDR, or Zero Trust strategies In the works, having to deal with one secure client Is a great value proposition for endpoint management, protection, threat detection, and response. The following diagram shows different elements of the new Secure Client and unified view.

The new unified Cisco Secure Client

Enhanced Vulnerability Management – AI comes to the rescue

In the current state of the cybersecurity world, the critical challenge for the SecOps teams is to deal with a plethora of security events and prioritize and act on them. Vulnerability management is an In the current state of the cybersecurity world, the critical challenge for the SecOps teams is to deal with a plethora of security events and prioritize and act on them. Vulnerability management is a nightmare at this point. AI and machine learning come to the rescue here. The secure client now Integrates with Kenna security platform (Cisco’s recent acquisition) that takes the threat Intelligence feeds, uses machine learning techniques, and prioritizes the events for the SecOps teams to become more agile.

Vulnerability Management Dashboard

New Managed Services – Managed EDR (Extended Detection and Response)

It’s a well-known fact that the cybersecurity industry is facing is a massive shortage of skills. Statista’s 2021 report states that security analysis and investigations technology comprise 30% of the skills shortage. That’s a huge gap. To address this gap, Cisco announced a new managed services offer called managed EDR(extended detection and response) for customers facing this skill gap or want to offload the tasks to Cisco’s In-house cybersecurity experts for Identifying and responding to the security events.

Areas with biggest shortage of cybersecurity skills within organizations worldwide in 2021, by technology category – Source: Statista.

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