Hybrid Cloud Networking with Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Recently I had the opportunity to co-host a Cisco podcast on Nexus Dashboard for Hybrid Cloud Networks. Here is a brief Intro:

The link to the podcast can be accessed from here

Demystify your hybrid cloud network automation and operations. With its “one-view” presentation of all your hybrid cloud network sites, Cisco Nexus Dashboard enables IT operators to use a single, agile platform to operate all network infrastructure in a single place. It also bridges the tools needed by each persona—NetOps, DevOps, CloudOps or SecOps—with a flexible operational model for key use cases on a single platform. Use the same platform, whether on-premises, at the edge, and/or in the public cloud.

Tune in to this episode to learn how Cisco Nexus Dashboard can catapult your infrastructure into the IT high-performance zone and simplify hybrid cloud networking with a single platform.

Cisco Champion Hosts

Guru Bettadapura (twitter.com/betta_guru), Fivelayers, Consultant

Meredith Rose (twitter.com/mer3dithrose), World Wide Technology, Consulting System Engineer

Shai Silberman (twitter.com/shaidom), San Jose State University, Director, Network Services


Amit Patel, Cisco, VP of Engineering, Cloud Networking Team

Srinivas Kotamraju, Cisco, Sr. Director of Product Management, Cloud Networking Team


Amilee San Juan (twitter.com/amileesan1), Cisco, Customer Voices and Cisco Champion Program

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