Cisco’s Silicon-One Chip enters Campus Network

Cisco Silicon One Chip

Cisco’s Silicon One chip has made its debut into the campus switches. This means that the new Cisco 9600X supervisors and 9500X fixed model switches will receive speed transitions through Cisco’s Silicon One Chip. We can expect higher performance (2.6 higher bandwidth than any other routing silicon), lesser silicon and power consumption, and network programmability through faster feature delivery. One of the key benefits of Silicone One chip is the unified architecture that it entails across the enterprise, service provider, switching, routing, and data centers. Just like the Intel chips are for personal computing devices, Cisco Silicon One chips are for networking that is truly cross-platform and drives greater innovation.

Below is a snapshot of the new 9000X campus switch portfolio. For customers looking for multi GB ports and POE density on their campus switches, these X models come to serve these requirements. They support full 90W POE and multiGig on every port which supports IoT-based sensors and cameras at ‘scale’ and applications like holographic meetings that require 20meg downstream bandwidth. On top of this, the 9000X models support 100G IPSec encryption for either site-to-site or site-to-cloud combinations.

Branch In a Box

Most often called the workhorse of the campus network, the 9300X access switch now supports enhanced application hosting capabilities. With Increased memory and routing capacity, applications like DNA spaces and Cisco Thousand Eyes can be hosted together on this switch. While It’s not officially announced by Cisco, the 9300X switch is expected to become the complete package to operate as a branch in a box.

Cisco 9300X Stackable Switch

While hybrid work has enabled different modalities of work for employees, the campus network is a critical component within the hybrid Infrastructure. A complete digitized campus network requires a platform like 9000X that allows seamless connection of users and devices into the IP fabric ‘at scale’.

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