The recent cyberattack ‘Sunburst’ that caused damage and darkness

What a nightmare the year 2020 has been for the humanity. At the time when everyone was breathing a sigh of relief with COVID-19 vaccine distribution, there comes another terror but this time in the form of cyberattack. The cyberattack named Sunburst supposedly from Russian state actors that became public earlier this month, has infiltrated […]

Connecting SDWAN fabric to AWS is now more scalable and secure

I had the opportunity to attend AWS re:Invent this month where my focus was specifically on networking and content delivery track. These 30 minute short sessions from AWS networking experts that ranged from customer case studies to technical best practices. These are similar to breakout sessions at Cisco Live that can augment your existing knowledge […]

Cloud Telephony – Technical comparison between Webex Calling and UCM Cloud

How do you determine which cloud is right for your enterprise telephony needs ? What are some key determining factors which can be helpful to choose the right cloud and the architecture? This blog offers key technical perspectives in strategizing your journey to cloud telephony across features, functionality, scalability, security, compliance and API Integrations for […]

What are my PSTN options with Webex Cloud Calling?

We are seeing a surge of companies looking at migrating their unified communications infrastructure to full cloud or hybrid cloud and shift from capex to opex mode. They don’t want to handle complexity anymore and want a cloud provider to deliver those core communication services while they reap the benefits of subscription cost model and […]

Marketing Plan – SWOT and PESTEL Analysis

SWOT and PESTEL analysis for CompleteSleep pillow which is a fictitious product SWOT Analysis Like many new, product-based market entries, the strengths and opportunities are basedprimarily on intellectual property accumulation for future expansion and propulsioninto related ventures. Weaknesses and threats, while not insignificant, can be addressedeffectively via clear strategic initiatives and diligence. Strengths Possess innovative sleep technology combining material science and digital technologies. Global supply chain, providing ability […]

Edge Is the New Center of Gravity

Of-course ‘cloud’ is the new center of gravity for companies of all size, but for those of us anchored in deterministic traffic flows, data center computing, branch and campus connectivity, ‘edge’ is a new paradigm and a new alignment to the cloud driving new use cases for digital transformation. In this blog, I will discuss […]

Cloud Networking – Basic Construct

Coming in from a traditional networking background of branch, campus and data center networks, I always had a Inclination towards cloud networking and how this is done in web native companies like Amazon and Facebook. Due to rapid adoption of cloud computing solutions from the likes of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, cloud networking has […]

Enterprise Networking – Then and Now

For decades, networks has played critical role in connecting users to applications whether its the enterprise networks or the giant Internet as we know it. While the network security , resiliency and performance was not that critical for the Internet but for the enterprise networks these aspects translated to lost revenue for the company. We […]

Webex Teams API’s- The Art of Possible

Cisco WebEx teams is sometimes referred to WhatsApp for enterprise designed with enterprise security features. Similar in capabilities with Microsoft Teams and Slack in the enterprise collaboration space, Its native features includes 1:1 and group chat , voice calls and video meetings with persistency built in. The app is supported on windows, Mac, iOS, android […]

Consciousness – Its Content and Levels

For thousands of years, worlds religions has offered multiple paths to self realization to reach the ultimate state of consciousness. Depending on which sect we belonged to, the paths were faith, knowledge, self discipline or action oriented. The aspirants could choose either of these paths to attain the state of self realization based on their […]

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