Cloud Telephony – Technical comparison between Webex Calling and UCM Cloud

How do you determine which cloud is right for your enterprise telephony needs ? What are some key determining factors which can be helpful to choose the right cloud and the architecture? This blog offers key technical perspectives in strategizing your journey to cloud telephony across features, functionality, scalability, security, compliance and API Integrations for […]

What are my PSTN options with Webex Cloud Calling?

We are seeing a surge of companies looking at migrating their unified communications infrastructure to full cloud or hybrid cloud and shift from capex to opex mode. They don’t want to handle complexity anymore and want a cloud provider to deliver those core communication services while they reap the benefits of subscription cost model and […]

Webex Teams API’s- The Art of Possible

Cisco WebEx teams is sometimes referred to WhatsApp for enterprise designed with enterprise security features. Similar in capabilities with Microsoft Teams and Slack in the enterprise collaboration space, Its native features includes 1:1 and group chat , voice calls and video meetings with persistency built in. The app is supported on windows, Mac, iOS, android […]

Prioritizing Issues – Pareto Charts In Contact Centers

Its often the case that we want align our limited resources to focus on the most important issues which produces maximum results versus chasing all at once. When troubleshooting operational issues in enterprise contact centers, this is no different given the limited amount of engineering resources but many different reasons (Call Disposition Codes) on why […]

Enterprise Webcasting For Remote Workforce During COVID-19

Real-time executive to employee communications has become more critical during COVID-19. Whether its for hosting regular employee check-ins, deliver quarterly business update, communicate return-to-office strategy and most importantly listen to the voice of the employees has become extremely critical for a global corporations. Having helped enterprise customers over many years on designing, building and operationalizing […]

Migrating Collaboration Workloads to Cloud – Part 2

In part 1, I discussed multiple cloud solution options for collaboration services and a sample decision tree to help decide the right cloud option (WebEx, UCM, HCS). Then, I touched upon hybrid cloud connector which not only acts as a way to burst into cloud for additional capacity but it provides interoperability and serves as […]

Migrating Collaboration Workloads to Cloud – Part 1

Its been over 20 years since Cisco integrated VoIP technology into the data networks which benefited businesses all around the world through immense cost savings. I assume that the businesses back then didn’t need any TCO or ROI justifications to switch from TDM to VoIP solution as the benefits greatly outweighed the costs. Fast forward […]

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