Cisco’s Silicon-One Chip enters Campus Network

Cisco’s Silicon One chip has made its debut into the campus switches. This means that the new Cisco 9600X supervisors and 9500X fixed model switches will receive speed transitions through Cisco’s Silicon One Chip. We can expect higher performance (2.6 higher bandwidth than any other routing silicon), lesser silicon and power consumption, and network programmability […]

Hybrid Cloud Networking with Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Recently I had the opportunity to co-host a Cisco podcast on Nexus Dashboard for Hybrid Cloud Networks. Here is a brief Intro: The link to the podcast can be accessed from here Demystify your hybrid cloud network automation and operations. With its “one-view” presentation of all your hybrid cloud network sites, Cisco Nexus Dashboard enables […]

Networking & Cloud Innovations from Cisco

One thing is certain In enterprise networking today, most of the Innovations we see revolves around the management and orchestration plane, whether its SDWAN , DNA center or Nexus dashboard platforms. At the heart of this innovation are automation capabilities that serves the needs of NetOps, SecOps, DevOps and AIOps teams who are scoped with […]

How dual forces of convergence and inversion Is affecting Network design decisions

Dual forces of convergence and Inversion is taking place at the same time In the enterprise networking and security space. The network design as we knew is changing fundamentally as the application landscape is shifting towards hybrid and multi-cloud. The new center of gravity Is not the data center anymore but Its the Cloud around […]

Connecting SDWAN fabric to AWS is now more scalable and secure

I had the opportunity to attend AWS re:Invent this month where my focus was specifically on networking and content delivery track. These 30 minute short sessions from AWS networking experts that ranged from customer case studies to technical best practices. These are similar to breakout sessions at Cisco Live that can augment your existing knowledge […]

Edge Is the New Center of Gravity

Of-course ‘cloud’ is the new center of gravity for companies of all size, but for those of us anchored in deterministic traffic flows, data center computing, branch and campus connectivity, ‘edge’ is a new paradigm and a new alignment to the cloud driving new use cases for digital transformation. In this blog, I will discuss […]

Cloud Networking – Basic Construct

Coming in from a traditional networking background of branch, campus and data center networks, I always had a Inclination towards cloud networking and how this is done in web native companies like Amazon and Facebook. Due to rapid adoption of cloud computing solutions from the likes of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, cloud networking has […]

Enterprise Networking – Then and Now

For decades, networks has played critical role in connecting users to applications whether its the enterprise networks or the giant Internet as we know it. While the network security , resiliency and performance was not that critical for the Internet but for the enterprise networks these aspects translated to lost revenue for the company. We […]

5-Steps towards a Media Ready Network

For many years, I have advised customers on how to optimize their enterprise networks to support rich media communications, and as a result, there are few best best practices I would like to share in this article. First, let me define what media ready networks are. Its the ability of the corporate IT network to […]

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