What am I up to lately?

After an 18-month long ‘Life’ break, I am happy to share that I am starting a new role this week at Cisco as a partner success executive. Having spent most of my career at cisco, this is like a homecoming for me. What surprised me during my new-hire onboarding process is that Cisco has retained […]

Marketing Plan – SWOT and PESTEL Analysis

SWOT and PESTEL analysis for CompleteSleep pillow which is a fictitious product SWOT Analysis Like many new, product-based market entries, the strengths and opportunities are basedprimarily on intellectual property accumulation for future expansion and propulsioninto related ventures. Weaknesses and threats, while not insignificant, can be addressedeffectively via clear strategic initiatives and diligence. Strengths Possess innovative sleep technology combining material science and digital technologies. Global supply chain, providing ability […]

Consciousness – Its Content and Levels

For thousands of years, worlds religions has offered multiple paths to self realization to reach the ultimate state of consciousness. Depending on which sect we belonged to, the paths were faith, knowledge, self discipline or action oriented. The aspirants could choose either of these paths to attain the state of self realization based on their […]

COVID-19 Is Not An Accident

If I were an extraterrestrial visiting earth at this moment in time, all I feel is pity for what the human life is going through and wish I could have done something about it. Intense human activity over centuries in name of science and advancing civilization has got us to this unprecedented point in our […]

How To Succeed In Innovation Projects – My Journey

Innovation projects can be very exiting. It can give you a new space to unleash your creative potential and enliven your passion and at the same time contribute to the top-line for your company. Unlike startups where you need to innovate and the same time worry about the paycheck, Innovating in large companies gives you […]

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