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If your Interest and passion lies around Enterprise Networking, Cybersecurity, Collaboration or AI, you are at the right place ! The resources on this site are in the form of blogs, vlogs and podcasts.

I take a business architect approach to create engaging content that has a healthy balance between the technology and business. I strive to use simple language to explain complex topics with analogies that would give you new Insights.

Why the name five-layers ?

The name “five-layers” is representative of core topics on this blog site. A 5-layer TCP/IP stack represents Networking. A layered approach to secure IT environments represents Cybersecurity. Collaboration that would encompass 5 elements Calling, Meetings, Messaging, Polling and Events. And finally AI that is also understood and built in layers (physical, intelligent)

Feel free to take a tour of my site and explore the topics. Hope you enjoy !

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Guru Bettadapura

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