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Every life form on this earth, from microbes to humans exist to experience their karmic fruits or repay their karmic debts. A stark realization of this fact will create compassion and humility towards the other person or life form. Pent up anger and bitter feelings should automatically subside.

8th October 2022

If I were to believe what my friend said last week that a human soul can embody 8,400,000 lifespans, that means our all desires, wishes and cravings has to be fulfilled by the universe in this life or many lives to come. There is nothing wrong in possessing deep desires, but it only extends our time on this earth. With desires, also follows suffering. Be careful what you wish for, because it will not go unanswered

7th Oct 2022

Creation is born out of necessity. But what if the necessity is born out of ignorance?

20th Jul 2022

Known, Unknown, Unknowable. Scientific thinking can help us to move from Unknown to Known. Chicken or egg first ? time or space first ? are Unknowable’s. Mystics have realized this and they don’t question but surrender to Divine with Joy

17th July 2022

7th week into my new role , as I dived into the acronym soup of roles, technologies and programs, I can see the surface with more clarity. A surface that is born out of commitment to transform Cisco partners

25th Apr 2022

#FAANG companies may sound however discrete and separate, but when viewed as one big ocean, they become the record-keepers of our time spent inside the online world. All our actions, and in the near future, our thoughts and feelings are recorded and preserved for who knows how long! And, who else can keep this kind of record-keeping better?

Jan 20th 2022

Unless we treat God as Man and Man as God, there is no progress. Sage Adi Shankaracharya taught this through Advaita (non-dual) philosophy. Sage Lord Basavanna has also said this: My legs are the pillars of temple, My body is the the temple itself, My head is the golden dome of the temple

25th Oct 2021

When I see spiritually enlightened people not showing any feelings of pity and sadness , I always wondered why was it. I realize now, for them, Death is the end of one journey and beginning of another one. Death is a process.

20th Oct 2021

Answers show up In unexpected ways…. Last week I was trying hard to remember the name of a restaurant I use to visit frequently more than a decade back. I tried hard but could not , and I forgot about it. But what happened In the hindsight Is that, unconsciously I submitted a request to the Universe and It went about doing its usual job of fulfilling wishes. Today I was driving with a friend whom I met after 6 years. He uttered ‘Java Cafe’ when we were discussing best food in town. Bam, I told him that was the name I was trying hard to remember last week. Then I said to myself, ‘Universe has answered’. Everything and everybody is connected to the same fabric, some people call it ‘Ether’ , some people call ‘Divine Matrix’. And the language to communicate with it through our emotions

10th Oct 2021

The biggest blunder in the field of literature was when European scholars translated Indian yogic and spiritual texts from Sanskrit into English between 17th to 20th century. In order to preserve the sanctity of Sanskrit terms and its meanings few translators have not attempted to translate but rather kept them as is. For example, ‘Intellect’ and ‘Intelligence’ In English means ‘Buddhi’ and ‘Chitta’ respectively In Sanskrit. These are different dimensions of mind and they performs different functions. It is Sri Rajiv Malhotra‘s gracious gift to the world to understand the real meaning of Sanskrit words through his book

6th Oct 2021

Every nation has a psyche and #india (#Bharat) has one too. A psyche that involve expression of multiple forms of emotions. For example, In the matters of faith and worship to god, one needs to invoke emotions of #Love when asking god for health, wealth and happiness. There are also emotions of fear, hatred and anger between individuals, caste’s, religions and states. Emotions are the basis of our existence and most of the daily decisions are based on emotions. But the problem I see is that when emotions are high, intellect cannot function. They result in poor decision making at the individual level and the nation level. After spending a decade in US and Interacting with people there, I observe that the emotions during interactions are kept at a minimum level. They don’t let emotions overtake their Intellect. If #india needs to be on par with the rest of the developed nations, the emotions of fear and anger needs to be addressed. People needs to be made feel safe and gradually the Intellect will surface on its own.

2nd Oct 2021

About Time: When people say “future is now”, most think of it is a trendy statement , but in-fact is a true statement . Time is devoid of past and future. All there is , is series of Now’s. Time is relative , means it is experienced differently by different living organisms. Time don’t pass, in fact we pass. Time is thought . No thought , no time.

1st Oct 2021

For all Its worth, Life is fair

28th Sep 2021

Parallel universe and Indian mythology: Scientific community is coming to agreement on the existence of parallel universes also called “multiverse”. For example at the sub-atomic or quantum level they have proved that an object can be at more than one place at the same time. They also say each universe is like a bubble going through the states of creation, sustainence and destruction. Now going back to Indian mythology, Lord Sri Krishna was present with all 16,000 Gopi’s at the same time, and they all experienced his personal divine presence at the same time. He multiplied into so many Krishna’s. Next morning Gopi’s were In arguments each claiming Krishna was with them. This seems Impossible. Now seeing again from a scientific angle one can Imagine that Lord Sri Krishna created 16,000 parallel universes at the same time, and exist In all of them at the same time. Isn’t this Krishna Lila ?

25th Sep 2021

Feels like back from the future. A vibrant and thriving #India (#bharat ). All sectors on fire, digital wave is sweeping every part of consumer life. Grand vision laid out for India during late 19th century spiritual master Swami Vivekananda slowly coming to fruition. Revival of India’s core culture and value that is Sanathana dharma (Universal Righteousness) Is visible in small parts. Can’t be more exited for my country

24th Sep 2021

Our breath holds the key for transcendence

Sep 6th 2021

The statue of dancing Shiva (Nataraja) Installed In CERN atomic research center located in the border of France and Switzerland is by no means an accident. The statue was gifted by Indian government. The circle of fire engulfing Shiva represents the cosmos. His hair is stretched out till the edge of the cosmos that means that it is his dance/Lila which we are experiencing every moment of our lives. The dwarf under Shiva’s right foot represents “ego” that is being annihilated. Our material existence is composed of mass, energy, space and time which is created by Shiva, who is also the sustainer and destroyer. Interesting what the CERN scientists have discovered that sub-atomic particles also perform energy dance. And they call that Shiva.

Sep 16th 2021

What is the similarity between a Sage and a Rich person life ? They defy boundaries. They are always in the expansionary mode . They experience abundance from a spiritual and material sense, however there is a point of convergence where they both meet . A prime example from a historical standpoint is Buddha and King Ashoka. Blood thirsty king Ashoka had seen it all. He turned Spiritual in the latter part of his life

Aug 9th 2021

As they say, this world is your mirror, the people I meet in my lifetime whether they are my peers, boss, friends, neighbors and strangers, is not a matter of coincidence, but they are my own reflection. They represent various aspects within myself, my joy, my pain, my fears, my aspirations and various emotional states I go through everyday and every moment. I do not wish to seek anything more because everything seems to be perfect

Aug 5th 2021

Safety net is dangerous . It takes away my freedom . I would rather fall into an abyss rather than on a trampoline . Let the unknown guide me

Aug 3rd 2021

The combined revenue of facebook, amazon , google, microsoft and apple is about $590 Billion with a market capitalization of $9.1T, that is almost half of americas annual GDP. These companies have been in the spotlight across many governments, states and communities for monopolistic behaviors, political backlash, breaking anti-trust laws, market cannibalization and so on. And obviously the good sides outweigh the bad ones If one were to argue with. Breaking up the big tech is on the agenda in the political spectrum. Here is an Interesting take from Chamath Palihapitiya on the big tech impact on Talent and Innovation

July 7th 2021

When there is absolute freedom, creation is possible and that gives rise to intelligence. Where there is freedom , there is intelligence – JK Observe fear without the center of me – JK

Mar 28th 2021

For an Individual, If past is pain and fear is future, how does one remain in peace ? Pain becomes suffering If It is given an subjective view rather than a objective one. Subjective view of the pain leads to suffering because I and the body are one, It means attachment. Objective view means you are able to look at it without any judgement. There is a separation of seer and the seen.

Mar 23rd 2021

Its important to understand why hiring managers need ready-made talent as they find perfect fit. It’s not their fault. The issue is from the demand side that are shareholders who expect faster returns on their stock and their customers who demand faster innovation from their vendors. Fear of losing Its competitive position. It’s the pace of Innovation that, market demand, shareholders demand, customer demand, speed, fear of failure.  A better alternative Is to hire probable candidate and retrain them. But this requires change from shareholders, competition, market. When the demand side relax supply relax

Mar 22nd 2021

Perhaps one of the terms that would define this decade and further is #mindfulness . It is an old wine in a new bottle, old wine is #zen.  #mindfulness involves subtle shift from “Doing” to “Being”. “Doing” has to do with the time that is Past and Future. “Being” has to do with the Present or Now.

Mar 21st 2021

Tribes are the lifeblood of societies. Tribes are what everyone of us aspires to be a part of (consciously or unconsciously). Tribes uplifts the true human spirit. Tribes brings a sense of belonging.

Mar 16th 2021

Decentralization is good. It releases the pressure, reduces complexity and helps better decision making

Mar 7th 2021

#Mindfulness has made its in-roads into the workplace. Many companies now offer #Mindfullness as part of wellness program to their employees. Like how #Zen was popular in the last century, #Mindulness is for 21st century, but the goal is the same, stopping mind from wandering by being #Aware. Most of our daily decisions and actions are Influenced by our sub-conscious mind that is subject to bias, short sightedness and deep-rooted emotions stored in our memories. Although we don’t want to accept this, we are in a dream like state even though we think we are awake. So living In #awareness moment-by-moment means you are not influenced by your sub-conscious mind and will bring lasting peace, no matter what the life circumstances are.

Mar 10th 2021

Back to some fundamentals : It does not matter why something’s work the way they do as long as it works and benefits are realized. The phenomena of Atoms created nuclear tech, Light phenomena created laser/optical tech, Electrons/Silicon combination created digital tech and Quantum phenomena is creating quantum computing tech whose applications are mind blowing. But what has been built by harnessing these natures phenomenon’s is a mixed bag of progress and destruction.

Mar 9th 2021

Transformation is a hard feat. It begins with the ability to create space for ‘new’ while not touching the old . Both old and new need to exist for a long period of time. And there comes a time when the ‘new’ becomes a pervasive force while old takes its natural course Our emotional compass during this period of transformation are : Empathy, Compassion, Faith , Belief , Strength and Courage

Feb 18th 2021

There are many aspects to Prakriti. Firstly It is the primordial source or the blueprint from which the human body and mind are formed. It resides in Karana Sharira. Its also comparable to the DNA. Every person has a unique Prakriti and can be determined by the Jyothisha. Prakriti of the mind (Gunas-Rajas, Tamas, Sattvic) modulates the Prakriti of body (Doshas – vaata, pitta, kapha). Balancing doshas is possible via balancing of Gunas by taking it to sattvic state.

July 28th 2021

Our outer world is organized as a triangle. Irrespective of our race, religion, nationality or corporate affiliation, the top 1% enjoy the real “material” riches, 19% are immediate beneficiaries and rest 80% feed off the rest. There is this process of ascent and descent that happens here. You can be anywhere between top and bottom . ‘Absolute’ freedom is not possible for anyone who dwells in the outer world or ignorant of their inner world

Dec 2020

Our inner world resembles Circle. You are at the center and there is this process of expansion and further expansion that happens as you go deeper. ‘Absolute’ freedom is possibility. The instrument that would detach us from the Triangle towards the Circle is our ‘Mind’. Turning the mind from making the outer journey (बहिर्मुख) towards inner journey (अन्तर्मुख) is a sure-shot towards ‘Absolute’ freedom. And in that process , Mind itself dissolves and Consciousness takes birth.

Dec 2020

For many Americans, the year 2020 was a strong concoction of pandemic, racism, and political violence. An unprecedented turn of events to take place in our lifetime, our hearts raced on each event and unknowingly let the pain travel deep in our minds and bodies. Many experienced loneliness, lost jobs and livelihoods, businesses went bankrupt and digital become the norm across all aspects of our lives. These events changed our perspective about ourselves, towards our children, spouses, friends, society, and the world. An ego shattering experience that moved us inside of ourselves questioning our life, existence, and our relationship towards everything and everyone. In spite of all this, stock markets stayed strong, trillions pumped into the economy, optimists made billions of investments in stock markets

Dec 2020

Yesterdays attack on the capitol building should be condemned, but it should also serve as a point of reflection to show the way forward. In many ways the attack at the capitol hill yesterday is a manifestation of wound persisting within the American society. Who flared it is not important at this time but rather realizing the depth of this wound is important. The wound is clearly deep and the attack is a indication that those feelings, aspirations and dreams of millions of American people that has been crushed and suppressed. In a way Mr.Trump has exposed this for the world to see. Lets not feel happy that democracy prevailed but rather its a clear warning of what’s to come in the future if this wound is not addressed. This can spread and paralyze the democratic system and the society as a whole. Lets remember again that the rest of the world looks up to American leadership and governance as a role model. It’s clear that the communities have been left behind and there has been warning all along. The democratic system needs an upgrade that would shift the order of power that starts from the community, state, nation, international rather than other way round. “The Third Pillar” from Raghuram Rajan addresses this solution in great detail.


Dec 21st marks the beginning of winter solastic (Uttarayana in Sanskrit ) and we also witness once in lifetime planetary alignment of Saturn and Jupiter (they look as one in the sky). If astrologers are right this marks the beginning of new renaissance lasting for next 200 years where humans undergo deep spiritual and intellectual transformation . So hang on tight

Dec 2020
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