Accelerating Customer Success with Cisco PX Cloud API’s

For the folks within the technology services industry, the term ‘customer success’ means delivering a world class post-sales experience for customers from adoption to value realization of their technology investments. At the heart of this experience is the customer success platform that many Cisco partners are heavily investing nowadays. Their goal is to shift their customer’s mindset from using to loving their products and solution. Enabling business outcomes is the holy grail of customer success management.

Cisco PX Cloud (Partner Experience) delivers customer and partner business insights to Cisco partners. These insights and capabilities are exposed through rich set of API’s that Cisco partners can integrate with their customer success platform. For example, Cisco partners who are using Gainsight platform, the Lifecycle API from the PX Cloud can relay the lifecycle stage of the customers to this platform. The partner CSMs can then view this Lifecyle insight right from their Gainsight dashboard and have a outcome driven conversation.

For Cisco partners who have a digital strategy or considering one, PX Cloud API’s can be a great addition. These API’s hold deep customer insights around their operational state and partner business metrics like contracts, offers and so on. Below you can see some of the APIs of the Cisco PX Cloud that is mapped from dashboard. For complete list of APIs please visit this link

PX Cloud APIs (Sample API’s shown above)

Integrating PX Cloud APIs into your workflow

PX Cloud API’s are a fraction of APIs that are offered by Cisco toolsets for partners. On the top, partners might have home grown tools, customer success tools like Gainsight and adapted tools like ServiceNow that can be combined to build powerful applications. Below diagram depicts API’s available from multiple Cisco toolsets and their associated outcomes.

Cisco APIs and desired outcomes

So lets take a look at few sample use cases that can be enabled by PX Cloud APIs. These are just the sample, but when these API’s are combined with rest of the Cisco APIs, lot more use cases are possible.

Use CasesPX Cloud APIs
Targeted onboarding serviceCustomer lifecycle API
Proactive issue remediation servicePriority bugs APIs
Integration with Customer Success platforms like Gainsight, Totango, NetformxCustomer lifecycle API , Insights-Faults-API , Insights-Crash Risk-APIs….
Asset monitoring and planning servicesContracts API, Customer API

In this world of experience economy, data driven customer success management is imperative for which API’s forms the underpinning. API’s form the connective tissue between discrete applications where information can be gleaned to produce powerful insights for driving customer success.


PX Experience Cloud APIs

APIs that enable partners for Customer Lifecycle Success

Start now to build a foundation in Automation

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