Notes from NASSCOM Product Conclave 2022

India’s growth story is unquestionable. An unprecedented amount of economic activity prevails across all sectors and a consistent GDP growth of 7% is being predicted for this decade. Especially, on the IT front, the software services exports have reached close to $170billion for the fiscal year. India being a global leader in software services exports, […]

Sudarshan Kriya – Gateway to Divine Bliss

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a residential program called “Happiness Program” at the art of living center, Bengaluru. As simple as the name sounds, one main reason I attended this program was to learn Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful practice involving the breath. The story goes that, his divine grace Sri Sri Ravishankar received […]

How Conscious is Google’s LaMDA ? An Eastern Perspective

If you have watched star trek , you definitely know “Data”, a humanoid robot with a superior intelligence who occasionally feels sad because he is unable to experience the totality of human emotions. Recently, a priest turned Google engineer Blake Limone who was testing ethicality of Google’s LaMDA — short for “Language Model for Dialogue […]

Creating Customer Value through Lifecycle Service Automation

We are in the midst of so many externalities that companies have little control over. Be it pandemic, chip shortage, Ukraine war or 40-year high inflation, all these forces have pushed companies to rethink their technology spending and driving them to improve their bottom line. This means that their technology refresh cycles would become longer […]

Accelerating Customer Success with Cisco PX Cloud API’s

For the folks within the technology services industry, the term ‘customer success’ means delivering a world class post-sales experience for customers from adoption to value realization of their technology investments. At the heart of this experience is the customer success platform that many Cisco partners are heavily investing nowadays. Their goal is to shift their […]

What am I up to lately?

After an 18-month long ‘Life’ break, I am happy to share that I am starting a new role this week at Cisco as a partner success executive. Having spent most of my career at cisco, this is like a homecoming for me. What surprised me during my new-hire onboarding process is that Cisco has retained […]

Cisco’s Silicon-One Chip enters Campus Network

Cisco’s Silicon One chip has made its debut into the campus switches. This means that the new Cisco 9600X supervisors and 9500X fixed model switches will receive speed transitions through Cisco’s Silicon One Chip. We can expect higher performance (2.6 higher bandwidth than any other routing silicon), lesser silicon and power consumption, and network programmability […]

Hybrid Cloud Networking with Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Recently I had the opportunity to co-host a Cisco podcast on Nexus Dashboard for Hybrid Cloud Networks. Here is a brief Intro: The link to the podcast can be accessed from here Demystify your hybrid cloud network automation and operations. With its “one-view” presentation of all your hybrid cloud network sites, Cisco Nexus Dashboard enables […]

Cisco further secures Work-From-Anywhere solution

Cisco is on a simplification journey across the board, whether networking, cybersecurity, or collaboration solutions. We have seen how previously discrete collaboration products, whether unified communications, video, or contact center, have been consolidated and simplified under one Webex umbrella. On the networking side, we also see the consolidation of SD access and SD wan management […]

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