Overview of Cisco PX Cloud

We are clearly living in an experience economy. Businesses that don’t deliver a great digital experience to their customers along the product lifecycle will certainly perish overtime. Cisco’s CX (Customer Experience) Cloud was developed to capitalize on the experience economy, that is to deliver a world class customer experience along the customers journey of Cisco technologies. A digital front has been developed for Cisco customers to manage their technology cycle across every stage that is powered by rich telemetry and insights. This clearly shifts the IT operations from reactive to proactive approach in operating and managing the partners customer infrastructure.

As CX Cloud is becoming wildly popular with its customers, Cisco is replicating this digital-first delivery model with its global partner base through the PX (Partner Experience) Cloud that is launching this summer. Cisco partners can leverage the PX Cloud to deliver services to their customers through their own digital front. This will allow Cisco partners to deliver differentiated services to their customers based on their vertical expertise and local knowledge which overtime can create customer stickiness and Increase revenue.

A glimpse into Cisco PX Cloud Dashboard

There are multiple capabilities and features of PX Cloud that can be leveraged by partners, from opportunity management, lead generation, managing customer lifecycle to telemetry and insights. I would highlight few of them here:

Gain Lifecycle Insights and insert your own Service Offer

If you are not familiar with this infinity symbol below, it’s called Cisco CX racetrack that includes pitstops. Each pitstop is a stage of your customer’s technology lifecycle journey. The below screen grab from the PX cloud dashboard shows that 50% of your customers are in the onboard stage of their technology, be it campus network, data centre network or Meraki . This is a great insight correct ? but what can you do with this information? The PX cloud allows you to publish your offers called ATX (Ask-The-Expert) and Accelerator content combined with Cisco’s intellectual property to your customers based on your unique knowledge and relationship with your customers .

Lifecycle insights

Build Innovative apps through PX Cloud API’s

PX Cloud offers a rich set of API’s that can be combined with your existing API framework to build innovative apps and solve your customer’s unique requirements or pain points. API’s are published within the Cisco DevNet portal as and when they are released. Below is the sample list of API’s available

If you are already a Cisco Devnet partner, PX Cloud API’s will be a great addition to your existing portfolio of API’s. For the rest of the partners, it is important to build an automation or Devnet practice and Cisco experts can help with this effort.

PX Cloud API’s currently supported – More to come !

Gain actionable Insights and proactively resolve problems

In order to be proactive and predictive in the world of IT, we need a combination of historical and live data from the infrastructure. Descriptive and predictive analytical techniques using AI and machine learning can be then applied to uncover insights leading to right action. Device “crash risk” is one of the many insights Cisco is offering through the PX Cloud. Knowing the likelihood of a device crashing can allow us to take remediation actions to prevent catastrophic outcomes.

With PX cloud, Cisco partners can gain these kind of descriptive and predictive insights of their customers infrastructure and provide the right kind of intervention at the right time gaining customer trust and confidence.

Assets with high crash risk predicted by Cisco algorithms

Cisco’s commitment to its global partner base is unmatched in the industry and PX Cloud is one of the means that Cisco is enabling its partners in their transformation efforts. PX cloud is in for a long haul and Cisco partners would greatly benefit from this in increasing their relevance with its customers. More and more insights, API’s and business capabilities would be added into the PX cloud as it evolves.

Cisco partners can begin their PX Could journey by visiting the following page or contact your Cisco account manager directly


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  1. […] For Cisco partners who have a digital strategy or considering one, PX Cloud API’s can be a great addition. These API’s hold deep customer insights around their operational state and partner business metrics like contracts, offers and so on. Below you can see some of the APIs of the Cisco PX Cloud that is mapped from dashboard. For complete list of APIs please visit this link […]


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